Are YOU Ready to LOSE WEIGHT and TRANSFORM Your Body?

Then join the Lean Body Transformation Program. Your ultimate all-in-one fast-track weight loss program

The 8-week program designed to sculpt your muscles and burn fat off your entire body from head-to-toe.

Achieving your dream body has never been easier and more convenient

With the Rapid Fat Loss Program, we cover everything you need to get the best possible results. We will work with you one-one-one to develop your customized exercise and nutrition plan that will fit right into your daily lifestyle. We will spend time training and coaching you on all the nutrition, exercise and mental components necessary to achieve serious results.

Here’s what’s included in the 8-week body transformation program:

Initial assessment

To measure your baseline and set your goals on a timeline for success. This assessment includes a nutrition and fitness analysis along with weight, body composition testing and measurements (weight, body-fat% and inches).

2-4 personal training sessions per week

Personal training sessions include resistance training using body-weight, dumbbells and other equipment’s targeting specific muscles, combined with fat blasting aerobic and interval cardio training to quickly melt away your stored body-fat. Get ready to experience faster more dramatic results with this all-in-one program.

Customized Nutrition Coaching

Personalize body transforming nutrition coaching that will work hand-in-hand with the body-sculpt training sessions. The money and time-saving results will amaze your friends and family.

Continued tracking and progress evaluations

Consistently monitoring and evaluating your workouts, nutrition and progress to make necessary adjustments to keep you on track for results.

Daily Coaching Access

You will have daily access to your personal coach to ask ANY questions or get advice and recommendations.

Call NOW for a free phone consultation to see if you qualify.  This offer is limited to only 10 people.

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