Should your company start a corporate wellness program?

Since the 1970’s corporate wellness programs have gained popularity in America. Businesses are increasingly becoming aware of the advantages and benefits of incorporating wellness programs. Studies have shown that for every dollar spent on health prevention a company can save as much as $6 on insurance. Studies have also shown that incorporating health and wellness programs help to:

  • reduce healthcare cost

  • increase productivity

  • decrease sick-days, workers compensation and disability cost

  • improve employee morale and loyalty

Employees who participate in health and wellness programs usually enjoy a better quality of life in their professional and personal lives. Companies that encourage employees to participate in health and wellness programs can reduce cost for serious illness such as:

  • obesity

  • diabetes

  • high blood pressure

  • heart disease

  • cancer

Identifying high-risk behaviors and encouraging employees to change their behavior are two of the best ways to reduce cost and increase profits.

Why you should your company invest in your employees health and wellness?

By providing health and wellness programs in the work place employers are taking a direct approach to increasing employee moral, reduce stress and illness and increase productivity. Not only that, but, employees will feel a lot better about the company and will be much more productive.

About Health and Fitness Annex seminars, workshops, and classes

We provide uplifting, motivating, and educational sessions on healthy eating, physical activity and behaviors designed to create awareness and inspire change. We teach your employees the secrets of change of simple behaviors that dramatically improving their health status.

We will custom design any seminar, fitness class, workshop, or program to suit your company’s needs.

Onsite Fitness Classes

Core-Body Fitness Class

Core Body is a total-body workout designed to strengthen and tone all the major muscles of the body.  This unique class blends body-weight and dumbbell strength exercises with dynamic kick-boxing cardio moves to burn major calories while shaping and toning the whole body.  Strategic exercises are incorporated in all planes of motion to minimize the side effects of sitting while at the same time increasing muscle strength, endurance, and revving up the metabolism.  This fun and challenging class will leave employees feeling revitalized and restored after a long day of sitting.


Desk Job Fitness

A practical and educational seminar/workshop offering simple and effective instruction on the job fitness and nutritional strategies to lose weight, get in shape and improve health and performance. Yes – you can lose weight and get fit while on the job. And there are simple strategies you can use to help you get in the best shape of your life without ever going to the gym. Save time, increase your energy level, lose weight, shape and tone your body, lose inches off your waist, shrink belly fat and more. This practical seminar gives you simple and effective strategies you can use immediately to increase your performance and get in the best shape of your life.

Fit To Sell

A practical educational seminar/workshop offering tips and strategies to get fit in less time while also improving your health, increase energy level, reduce stress levels, and increase productivity to get more sales. This is the perfect way to motivate a sales team, while helping improve performance. We will introduce practical fitness habits you can use to improve health, increase energy, reduced stress, and increase productivity and sales


Weight Loss Challenge

Are you ready for motivational, healthy, and friendly competition? Want to increase employee morale and boost your energy level. We will design the perfect Corporate Fitness Challenge that fits your needs. Our multi-week, multi-faceted team building incentive programs with pre and post assessments are designed to boost employee morale and participation while improving health

Options include:

  • 6 or 12 Week Company-Wide or Departmental Weight Loss Challenge

  • 6 or 12 Week Company-Wide Fitness & Lifestyle Challenge

This is the perfect program to boost employee morale and loyalty.


All health and Fitness Annex program are customizable. We will custom design any seminar, workshop, fitness class or program to fit your company’s need.

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